The Daydreams Missed

I miss things I’ll never know,
I miss moments that don’t exist,
I miss the look from across the living room,
While I cook a gourmet breakfast for you,
I miss the walks holding hands,
Our fingers interlaced,
Feeling the warmth between our souls,
Sharing the news our day,
The goals we’ve never made,
I miss these big moments that will never be,
The little things lovers come to know,
I miss the dreams that hide in my heart and soul,
The dreams dying in my head,
Love that’s lost in my soul,
The daydreams missed,
All the little things that I may never know.

3 thoughts on “The Daydreams Missed

      1. you too. I hadn’t quite completed my comment, part two is mourn the loss of things that will never be but also look forward to the good stuff about to happen maybe spend a much higher ratio of time and energy for the way forward. Took me 5 years to figure this one out.

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