Baggage Claim



There is a story hidden behind my eyes, there is depth that cannot reach the surface of my lips for the internal walls of my soul have barricaded my words in darkness, and they search for the same buried light it hides. #baggage #darkness #light #selfreflection #life #poetry

I Whisper I love You


Through the silence I heard the screams
Felt the blaze sizzle beneath my skin

Tasted the blood of my enemies revealed

The smell of my own flesh burns my soul 

Through your exasperated words

I whisper- I love you. 

By Your Side


Each new day I wake I feel your warmth lying beside me

I am soothed to the sounds of your lungs singing

            About dreams

            About life

I feel love
In these mornings
I hear patterns of your breathing

and I’m comforted for the first time

       You are never going away

        You are here to stay

        You are home

         We are home

I feel safe
Yet during the day

I still find myself missing you

Just not like before

How do I ever explain?
I miss you differently

          I miss the morning

          I miss the nights

          I miss holding you at night

          I miss the sex
I miss the comfort of our one soul

I miss the beating of our two hearts-bouncing rhythms of each other’s lyrics

I miss your scent
I can’t wait to get through the day

To escape the restlessness

            To run home

            To our home

            To be near you

            To feel the love

            To see your smile

            To hear your laugh

            To see your eyes sparkle-

             like glass
I miss you

I miss me

I miss us

I miss our new home
This is the only place I want to be

By your side


When He Kissed My Soul


I whispered through the crevices of the tree bark
I told my deepest desire
I shared my dreams 
I felt the branches wrap around me
I felt the love of the tree
I heard my wish leave through the leaves
I saw my dreams escape in the breeze
I hope they capture his soul
I hope he hears my wish
I hope he finds me
Waiting under this tree
For the eternal life
He promised me
A million years ago
When he kissed my soul

The Con Artist


She laid on the cold slab
Delicately filleted
Clear of all her vital organs
He left only her heart
Intended to be eaten last
As dessert
Savored for the foolishness in which she believed she could finally find everlasting love
“Ha tsk, tsk foolish girl”!