Banished Souls (lyrics for my friends punk band)


You’re looking at me,
Sizing me up,
Counting the ways I keep fucking shit up,
I ain’t no good,
Every word rolling off your tongue,
Every word you speak of,
Doin me wrong,
Swearing the same old song,
Lying awake,
Dissing on my mistakes,
Corrupting my mind,
With the derogatory remarks,
Poisoning my spirit,
Leaving me to bleed,
Losing my soul,
With your constant bitching,
When you gonna leave me alone,
And stop spreading me thin,
When you gonna stop beating me up?
There’s nothing left to drain me from,
No energy to siphon,
You stripped my heart, beauty and soul,
Snow White no more,
Just a old withered whore,
Lying on the streets of banished souls.

Take Every Part of Me


The words that escape your mind,
Painted across my screen,
Lavish me

They caress me like a warm oil massage,
The intense,
Erotic sensation builds between my sweet,
Luscious lips

I begin to fantasize with you here with me,
Laying patiently on my bed,
Your eyes glamour me like a devilish vampire,
Hungry for the taste of my enchanted blood

Slowly the pull gravitates me to you,
Under your spell,
I straddle your hips,
Grab your face with both hands,
Intertwining my fingers in your hair,
And kiss you with tempestuous passion

I can no longer breathe on my own without the support of your breath,
Breathing together as one,
You break away from my lips,
Stare deep into my eyes,
Your passion possesses me

I am paralyzed without your breath,
Your mouth firmly plants on the roundness of my shoulder,
You bite,
Pull away,
Looking to see how much more I can take

I scream a soft belching cry,
I hiss and I hungrily look to approve,
I beg and sigh

My body reacts,
My body dances like a snake,
And I grind

The devil comes alive in you,
Your hand grips my hair,
I feel the pain as you pull my head back,
A whimpering bellow echoes in return

The gleam in your eyes as you strike my neck,
Brings me orgasmically to your command,
And I now beg,
With heated breath,
To take every part of me.

Come Dance With Me


you whirl me around,

and I spin endlessly,

my hair flutters in the breeze,

golden rods of sunshine,

on display


my soul sings to this special song,

my hips shake viciously,

innocent bystanders stop to watch,

my spirit outraged in dance,

this song,

the way it moves me


Can’t stop the memories escaping me,

Can’t wait to hear the next song playing here so freely,

i love you, i love me, i love everything we’ve yet to come to be


i hear the horns play,

the congas beat away,

her voice makes me hunger,

you are so far away,

don’t come back to me,

my youth of yesterday,

when i was young,




i hunger for my youth,

take me back to start again,

i won’t hide and hover,

i won’t let your vices steer me


i want to run back to the day,

never to make these same mistakes,

i made yesterday,

where i sat in regret,

i was not alive,

not during those years,


so sad, 

but true


Can’t stop the memories escaping me,

Can’t wait to hear the next song playing here so freely,

i love you, i love me, i love everything we’ve yet to come to be


though now i am alive,

i can’t make up for the loss,

i can’t justify the bottle,

the cigarettes,

the months on my phone,

hiding under the blankets of depression


i am dancing now,

i hear the music taking over me,

i dance vigorously,

making up for the day,

i stood dead,

not truly alive,

hearing only the silence ,

that drove me,

sadly insane,

feeling the jagged edge of waste


i am older now, 

i am wiser than those dirty years before,

i am not drowning in your selfishness,

i’ve got thicker skin


i rose,

here to the love,

the love of my inner spirit,

my own voice,

in-between the silence of unspoken words,

i found my soul,

come dance with me.


Off the Grid


I stir you like no other,
You desire me more than the moment you first laid eyes on me,
Though you do not know,
I desire you more today too,
As you move me beyond the depths of love,
I never thought love would feel like this,
I imagined it,
And never knew loving the right person,
Would bring such bliss,
It brings the serenity my soul craved,
And desired,
I love you simply does not do justice to what I feel inside my mind, body and soul,
I love you without reason,
I love you with,
I will spend the rest of my days loving you more than the day of our first kiss,
For I am truly lucky and fortunate to have you loving me the same,
It really is a blessing and gift to have love,
Our bond,
Our families,
Our love as you say, is “off the grid”,
Eight months ago,
I fell off this grid,
My soul became alive in the presence of my future,
Your heart,
Your soul,
Symbolically took my hand home,
With just one phone call,
I love you so,
Will always seep from my lips and soul.

You Ruined Me


I now dream of your lips brushing mine,
painting our favorite color red,
the warmth of your moist skin,
caressing me,
I’m lost in the moment,
you feel me,
inside my warm well,
massaging the mass between your legs,
that penetrate me,
my legs wrapped securely around you waist,
an ocean of love escapes between my thighs,
rocking to the music that beats between our souls,
I long to scream your name,
enthralled in the way you look at me,
your taste,
your scent,
the aroma of you and me,
captivates every one of my senses,
I want to bottle our perfume,
make it last,
a lifetime,
for young lovers fooled,
a treasure kept,
to outlive our time,
and my soul begs to relive the moment,
you ruined me,
and I made you mine.

To My Destiny


I love you with arms wide open,
I love you like the breeze that gently makes love to the trees,
Spreading like the wings of an eagle sweeping across the sky,
Touching the pink clouds to my dreams

I follow without fear,
I give to you,
All of me,
Taking a leap of faith,
To tomorrow,
To the infinite days that lie ahead

I love you without fear,
I love you without barriers,
My love,
Our love,
Has no borders,
It can’t be contained

Your love plays the strings to my acoustic guitar,
Hitting every note to my heart,
You are the sweetness to my soul,
You are the tears that flow down my eyes with the love I can’t describe

The beauty of your love is the morning caress of dew that graces the early rising roses,
Our love mimics the scent that draws the bees to pollinate,
Giving hope,
Belief in true love,
Epic love

You are my light,
I follow like a moth to a flame,
Mesmerized mind, body and soul,
My heart sings,
My body dances,
To my destiny.

The Gift of Love


In the chaos of the stars,
A beautiful life,
Took hold of my heart,
I was struck,
By a multitude of luck,
Through the dark abyss I once treaded through,
My heart was stolen by the boy I once knew,
Now a man,
I love,
Cherishing each moment like a gift,
From god,
Thanking Cupid,
To whomever destroyed the despair I once knew,
Opening my eyes to what is true,
What is love,
Everything I always knew,
But never dreamed could be,
I stand blessed with more,
A beautiful package within the gift,
Added family to call my own,
A priceless luxury,
The gift of love.