With Bandaged Hearts


My blood is not of my blood,
The essence of you flows in my veins,
You are a part of my soul,
As I am part of you

When sadness dances,
And a tear runs down my cheek,
Your heart aches,
My blood runs rampant in you

Joyous days,
Each of our hearts race,
Exhilarating pace,
Love runs free

Two hearts,
One soul,
Love that cannot break

I feel as you feel,
You feel as I feel,
We dance respectfully

It is a blessing,
An honor,
Just to know,
We exist as one,
We are whole

My soul,
Your soul,
With bandaged hearts,
Fighting warriors,
Nothing can keep us apart.

I Once Walked the Darker Side of Life


I’ve walked the road of nowhere,
I’ve drifted to the edge and back,
I’ve starred at the ceiling picturing the hanging rope,
My demise

Wishing I had the courage to end it all,
Wishing I could say good bye

My heart has sank,
I have felt it swallowed up by the endless deadly emotion,
This thing we call sadness

Alone in this world while you’re standing there,
Thinking you’re keeping me up,
I can’t feel your hand,
I can’t feel your hug

I’ve died a thousand deaths,
All in my deteriorating mind,
I’ve watched the fantasy of the funeral that prevails,
I’ve wondered who will cry,
Who will miss me this time?

And I cry,
And I cry,
And I cry

But I’m still here,
I saw the light of a new day,
A new beginning,
A new state of mind

I’m not staring into the barrel of a 45,
No belt hangs from the rafters,
I see sunshine,
I see life.

His Scent


I inhale
Absorb the aroma
A natural aphrodisiac
Can’t make it out
It takes
Over me
My senses
My insides
My skin begins
To tingle
My thighs weaken
I prepare
For you
To take me
My mind
My body
My soul
I wait
I pant
My breath
Your lips find mine
We kiss
The taste
Fingers lock
My hands
Your knee
Both mine
Pressure builds
I swell
You blow in my ear
The heat
You press
Your mound
I want to
I can’t
I scream
And I explode
In bittersweet
I swoon

A Marriage of Darkness and Light


If I was to count the amount of times I said I love you,
It would not be enough

To love you is to breathe,
It is the food placed upon my soul,
And the drink to savor between my lips,
To quench the thirst of love

If I could count the amount of times you cross my mind,
You would know it is endless,
A marvelous mystery,
You follow me everywhere

I dance with the wind,
The music that plays from the trees that whisper,
And the soft whistles from the birds

The sun glistens,
And I embrace the warmth,
Your love an open door

Alive with sunshine,
My hunger sustained,
The beauty of finding love,
Life has never been the same

When you’re not around,
When I succumb to the silence,
The tick tock at 1am,
My writing can emerge

I can bathe in the darkness,
Hold my breath under the murkiness,
And discover new feelings,
Scream silently at the walls,
That barricade me

How can love sometimes bring so much pain?
How can I be alive and dead one minute apart?
The fuckery of love

To feel all emotions,
To be blessed with everything we share,
The good and bad,
That’s the life we have

Bring the brightest days,
Shadow me in nightmares,
Bring me everything you’ve got,
I want to feel it all

Thank you screams from the depths of me,
My eternal being caressed with pain, lust and love,
Darkness and light merge,
In a marriage of balanced energy.

Rain Love On Me


November rained love
On me
On you
Took us down Loveland
Lord I’m someone’s fool

Loving you makes no sense
I was born to love you
It was consummated in the stars
It’s all I now know

Take me back to November rain
Wash the love over me
Remind me of the day
Love came our way

Tears falling in the inside
Are the worst kind
Tears falling on the outside
Remind me
I’ll be just fine

I can’t keep internalizing pain
I can’t keep feeling lonely
I can’t keep wondering why you’re not calling
Why you’re not here
With me

Typing out a love line or two
Isn’t going to make these grey days turn bright blue

How am I going to get over you?
These dark days just aren’t right
Born to love you
This just ain’t right

I love a fool
Not once or twice
Been loving you all my life

How can I make these tears bleed?
Squeeze the pain
Make my insides plain

Take me back to November rain
Wash the love over me
Remind me of the day
Love came our way

Tears falling in the inside
Are the worst kind
Tears falling on the outside
Remind me
I’ll be just fine

I need you here with me
I need the words to come alive
I need to know we will be fine

Crying on the inside
Praying to bleed
Wash these tears
What’s come over me?

Take me back to November rain
Wash me with love
Bleed the tears
Let me cry from my eyes
November rain
Rain love on me

Bring it Back


I’ve got your love juice on my mind
staring back at time
the way you last moved me
we shook the walls to my room
once not to long ago
scaring all the neighbors too

If these walls could talk
sharing all the secrets we keep
an x-rated motion picture
would come alive

A nightfall of passion
screams of delight
the way my body twitches inside
ooh baby, baby you stop time

Bring that nasty ass back to me
Oh yeah, bring it back to me
I need your love at high speed
Satisfying all my needs

Baby, baby bring it back to me
bring it back
bring it back to me

Hours and hours running my hands through your hair
the way you slap me
hitting all the right spots
doing me just fine

Bring that nasty ass back to me
Oh yeah, bring it back to me
come back to me
baby, baby you’ve got me begging you

How many times do I have to tell you
I can’t go too many days without you
You got me climbing the walls,
pacing the room,
driving me insane
out of my mind
I’m addicted to you

Craving that taste
the hunger
I’m doomed
running out of drinks
and cigarettes

I hear your wicked laugh
it’s haunting me
you know I can’t have anyone else
but you
you ruined the future
for any other man
no one else is gonna do

I love the way we move
the ground shakes
it’s a love quake each and every time

Bring that nasty ass back to me
lets make sweet music
get the camera rolling
making history one night at a time

Bring that nasty ass back to me
I’m on my knees begging you please
bring your ass
that crooked grin
your haunting laughter
and those taunting eyes while you do me

Baby, baby bring it back to me
bring it back
bring it back to me

Bring it back
Bring it back
Bring it back

Left With Only My Dreams


If closing my eyes brings about quick dreams tonight,
I’d pray my dreams bring you here,
with me,
in your arms,
tucked tightly and secure,
under the heat of your breath,
upon my face,
and the sweetness of kiss,
I’d pray reality would find it’s way,
to have you hold me,
straight away,
and in my dreams the warmth of your skin,
keeping my soul calm,
and fiercely alive,
my heart with yours,
kissing under the sky,
under a mass of stars,
lost with no moon,
I’ll pray the moment finds me soon,
for to miss you wears my spirit,
and slowly the cinders make their way,
leaving nothing but ash,
from our memories,
and I hope a dream within a dream,
finds your face,
and your beautiful eyes unlock the door,
to your soul,
that resides inside of me,
joined with mine,
through the end of time,
the beauty of our embrace under stars,
laced together like strands of light,
a tree of love,
lighting the path of you and I,
I close my eyes,
and dream of you,
I miss you,
and the inside of my soul,
misses you too,
when you’re deep inside of me,
a powerful connection that makes you and me,
and I sigh,
left with only,
my dreams,